In this issue:

  • We've launched an important new report: The Future of Tutoring, in Westminster and are calling on the next Parliament for a 'Tutoring Guarantee',
  • Your Safeguarding must-read,
  • Teach First have special programmes if you're looking to move into teaching,
  • We have some great IRL sessions focusing on lesson planning coming up,
  • Recruitment is open! And if you refer someone who would make a great tutor, you could win a prize, 
  • Love Maths? If so, we have a great project to share . . . 
  • We have more fantastic tuition resources over on Thinqi, plus, get career ready with our LinkedIn Launchpad events with top tips to polish up your profile (and we have 🍕!)
  • Be kind - our Wellbeing team share a heart-warming project, 
  • Find out who has won a prize in this year's Tutor Survey draw, and how many of you have enjoyed an additional bonus for tutoring this year, 
  • Stay social and tune into the latest Tutorcast episode, and,
  • Final word . . .

You can read the full version over on Thinqi.