Cath graduated from Leeds University in 1997, gaining a BSc (hons) in Genetics, then studied at both the University of Bristol and Manchester gaining a PhD in Gene Therapy and Cancer Research in 2001.  She completed a two year post doctoral position in Stem Cell Biology at the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research, Christies Hospital in Withington and the retrained as a teacher in 2003, gaining a PCGE from MMU.

She started teaching at Trinity C of E High School in Sept 2003, and is still there!  Before having her two daughters, Cath taught Physics, Biology and Chemistry to GCSE level.  She was also the Head of Year 8 and then the Head of Year 9 and responsible for raising the achievement of pupils from ethnic minorities.  Since returning part time, Cath now "just" teaches Science but has responsibility in the department for teaching pupils with Special Educational Needs.  She is also the Enrichment Co-ordinator, ensuring that their brightest students get the opportunity to explore science outside the classroom and has close links the Universities outreach teams and STEM ambassadors.  Cath also works with colleagues at Jordral Bank and the Ogden Trust.  She started working with the Tutor Trust in 2012.