In practice, the way Tutor Trust partners with your school and supports your pupils will be very similar with both the ‘School-Led Tutoring’ and the NTP.  

We are very happy for schools to work with us via NTP, or the ‘School-Led Tutoring’ scheme, or through both, depending on each school’s particular needs and budgets. 

The main difference is that under the NTP there is a rule that 65% of tutees should be Pupil Premium. Under the ‘School-Led Tutoring’ scheme, the rules are not so strict about what percentage of tutees have to be Pupil Premium and each pupil can have tutoring in two or three different subjects.

However, at Tutor Trust we have always encouraged schools to ensure that 80% of the tutees are disadvantaged (Pupil Premium, Looked After, in Alternative Provision or at risk of exclusion); this goal of 80% disadvantaged remains the same in 2021/22 for both NTP and School-Led Tutoring. 

We are keen to learn more about the cohort you have in mind so please talk to us about the pupils who need support.