Zoe began tutoring for The Tutor Trust in 2016 as a primary and secondary maths tutor.  After studying at the University of Manchester she graduated with a first class degree in Biomedical Science in 2017.  Following her graduation, she was very pleased to be offered the role of Recruitment and Impact coordinator for The Tutor Trust.

Zoe has always been very passionate about tackling educational equality, and displayed this during her time at university by volunteering as a primary school tutor for a charity with a very similar ethos to The Tutor Trust.  In 2013, she also visited and taught at a school in Tanzania, after fundraising for the school throughout her time at secondary school.  Her final year project at university involved designing and conducting a study for primary school students to test and improve their knowledge of microbiology, and the most effective approach to develop their understanding.  She really enjoyed investigating different learning style approaches as well as designing the study and analysing the data, so is really looking forward to working with Matt and Jenny, the Quality Managers, on future projects.