The Tutor Trust is constantly looking to broaden its horizons in the mission to narrow the attainment gap in education.  2016/17 was the second year that we've tutored adult learners at Rushbrook Primary Academy in Manchester.  Many of the learners would have been key beneficiaries of The Tutor Trust if it had existed when they were at school, so it's an excellent opportunity to provide victims of educational inequality with a second chance.  "It was amazing to see the commitment of them" said tutor Shaun Barton "even meeting up outside of the lessons to help each other study.  Unlike regular tuition, where I'm one of many people teaching them throughout the week, with the adult learning classes, I was their only teacher, so I felt really appreciated."

Another tutor, Laura Sidhom, said of the sessions

"Unlike many of the students in schools, the pupils were already engaged in the subject, but were slower to pick up new concepts. The challenge was therefore more in detailed and creative explanation of the subject than motivating engagement and confidence. However, they put a lot of effort in, were extremely attentive and I received much positive feedback and gratitude from them."

When asked to comment on the tutors in an end of year survey, CPD Leader of the school, Clare Niederbuhl, said "All the tutors were highly professional and effective [...] consistently went the extra mile and built up highly effective relationships with all groups of learners."