The quality of provision to date has been exceptional! 1:1 and small group tutoring has ensured that students have made accelerated learning in English/Maths and Science. The tutors have engaged students through exciting and interesting lessons. In addition, they have forged professional relationships with our students and staff. Lynda Thompson, Executive Headteacher, Trafford Medical Education Service

The Tutor Trust provides tuition for students in alternative provision with a variety of needs.  This includes students who have missed school for medical reasons, as well as those who have been permanently excluded.  

Our tutors receive specialist training for this often challenging work. Joanne Meredith, our Director of Alternative Provision, is an ex-Headteacher of a Pupil Referral Unit.  She provides Alternative Provision tutors with additional training and conducts regular quality checks on them.  We also run CPD’s for our tutors from specialist organisations in this field, such as Frontline.