What are you doing now that you've left us at Tutor Trust?

I am working with Ditto Music in Liverpool as PR Executive of the PROMO team - helping independent artists with starter PR campaigns.

What do you miss most about Tutor Trust?

I definitely miss the excitement of starting new assignments and getting to know a new group of students.

How and why did you first get involved with The Tutor Trust?

I got involved with the Tutor Trust in my second year of university when I was looking for work that fit around my studies but was also a bit more interesting than your average job.

What was the most challenging thing about tutoring?

Working with kids that maybe weren't very keen on receiving tuition or claimed to 'not care about school' was sometimes difficult to overcome but luckily there was plenty of training and support on hand to help me deal with this and adapt my teaching style to that particular student.

What do you think tutoring has taught you the most?

Probably to look outside the box a bit - try and come up with different solutions or paths to an end result. Also to always remember that what you see at face value isn't always what you get, that sometimes you need to work a little harder with someone or at a task to really get to the benefits.

How do you think tuition helps you in your current role?

Absolutely - it helped me to be creative in terms of offering solutions and also taught me how to act quickly in a situation.

Is there any advice you would like to offer to offer new tutors joining us?

Ask for extra training sessions and go to all of the extra sessions! I got lots of extra help with exam board specific stuff and also lots of help with behavioural issues and how to teach EAL, which was really beneficial.