What are you doing now that you've left us at Tutor Trust?

I’m currently working as a Digital Copywriter for Twinkl, a Sheffield-based company who create educational resources for teachers and parents.

What do you miss most about Tutor Trust?

I miss building relationships with the tutees, hearing about how their confidence has grown thanks to the work we’ve done together and how they now look forward to tuition! It’s amazing to know that you’re making a real difference to the lives of your pupils.

How and why did you first get involved with The Tutor Trust?

I got involved with the Tutor Trust when I first started at university, as I was looking for a flexible part time job and I had loved helping out at a primary school during my time in sixth form. I really enjoyed tutoring and continued doing it throughout my four years at university. In my final year, I also became a Brand Ambassador for the Tutor Trust, encouraging more students to become tutors and helping them with their applications.

What was the most challenging thing about tutoring?

At times, it could be hard managing behaviour, especially if I had several students at the same time in the session. But I found that as my confidence grew in the role, this became easier and by praising children for their hard work, I could keep them focused and motivated on the tasks.

What do you think tutoring has taught you the most?

I think tutoring has taught me that I’m a good leader, it’s taught me to be patient and most of all it’s taught me that everyone is capable of achieving great things, they just need some encouragement and people who believe in them.

How do you think tuition helps you in your current role?

I had actually used resources created by Twinkl while I was working as a tutor, and I got to talk about this in the interview for the role. My experience as a tutor has helped me enormously with this job because tutoring has given me so much knowledge about the national curriculum, what it’s like working in a school and which resources would be helpful for teachers. 

Is there any advice you would like to offer to offer new tutors joining us?

Be confident! It might seem daunting at first to have to lead sessions and be responsible for the students in your groups but you’ll find it isn’t as scary as you think and it’s also really rewarding to see children improving each week.