We first started working in Alwoodley Primary School in 2016, when they partnered with us on our EEF project.  Our tutor Abbie was delivering 4 hours of tuition in Maths to Year 6 pupils before SATs, and said that she “had a lot of fun working with Alwoodley, and felt comfortable and prepared when delivering sessions”.

This year, our tutor Matt Tuplin has been delivering Maths tuition to 12 pupils in Year 6, 80% of whom qualified for pupil premium.  Of these pupils, 11 reached age-related expectations in Maths. Matt said

“Throughout my time at Alwoodley Primary School, I was always made to feel welcome and appreciated. The staff were consistently on hand to address any issues I had and were always friendly and approachable.  The children were a delight to work with and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them progress throughout our sessions.”

Caroline Pattenden, a year 6 teacher and Assistant Head, gave positive feedback on the partnership that Tutor Trust have with Alwoodley, saying:

“We have now worked with Tutor trust for two years.  The first year was with a group of 12 year 6 children for maths -mainly pupil premium children - and last year we repeated this with a new group of year 6 and for the first time a group of year 5 children.  The year 5 children were tutored in July, at the end of the year, to ensure they were confident to start Year 6 with the skills needed for the year 6 curriculum.  Both of the tutors we have worked with have been extremely enthusiastic, well organised and developed great relationships with the children.  They were always punctual and planned a range of activities for the children, which included games, past SAT questions, active maths and problem solving- all ensuring the children were fully engaged and on task throughout the session.  The key to success was careful planning and communication between the class teacher and tutor.  This was achieved by weekly conversations and written evaluations.”