2016/17 was the first year that we've worked with Alwoodley Primary School in Leeds.  They joined us for the EEF project and received 4 hours of tuition per week in the lead up to SATS.

Caroline Pattenden, a year 6 teacher and Assistant Head, gave positive feedback on the tuition stating Abbie Rogers was excellent as “she was friendly and produced good resources.  The children also enjoyed working with her.”  The teachers even gave her a present when she left as a thank you for all the work.

Abbie also had nothing but praise for the school and the teachers saying that their support meant during the assignments she “felt comfortable and prepared when delivering sessions” and that she “had a lot of fun working with Alwoodley and [she] would love to work with them again in the future.”

When asked how she kept the children interested she said:

“I was the attitude accompanied by varied and fun lesson plans which really made for some successful tuition… The most important thing is to be flexible- and that’s half the fun! You need to adapt to the children’s needs. You might plan something you think they will find fun but they don’t engage at all. You quickly learn how to adapt on your feet and communicate with different people. Each child is different and they learn best when they enjoy themselves.”

Discussing the best aspects of working for The Tutor Trust, Abbie said “it feels like you’ve really allowed [the children] to achieve and through them so have you. Helping them even in little victories add up to something great.”