My name is Beth and I am the Alternative Provision Coordinator at The Tutor Trust. In my role, I set-up and oversee the tuition that takes place under The Right Angle.

The Right Angle has been a really exciting project to be a part of. I was appointed onto the project in September 2018 and was the only member of the project at that point. Since then, the project has taken off, so that we are now a team of four people across The Tutor Trust and TLC: Talk, Listen, Change, and we are working with children across Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, Rochdale and Oldham. One of the things I really enjoy about this project is being partnered with another excellent charity within Greater Manchester – the opportunity to work on a new partnership such as this is so motivating, and I’ve greatly enjoyed getting to know my new co-workers!

In my role, I receive referrals for young people from Alternative Provision centres and then work on allocating the most suitable tutor to that young person. It is a challenging role at times, as it can often be quite difficult to work out the best arrangements for the young person when you’re liaising with several different points of contact. But it’s extremely rewarding when a tutor has begun work with a young person, and when I start receiving feedback from their teachers about the impact it is having. One of my highlights from this year has been hearing about a young boy in Stockport who, over the course of working with our tutor Francis, has been placed back into mainstream schooling. This is exactly the sort of work we have been aiming to do – to help young people transition back out from alternative provision.

I am really pleased with how the first year of The Right Angle has gone, and I’m looking forward to hearing about many more success stories to come in the next academic year – onwards and upwards!

Beth Farrell - Alternative Provision Coordinator