For over thirty years I have gone into work every morning to be involved in the teaching of young people in school, so it was rather strange on my first day at the Tutor Trust not to have a science lesson carefully planned, a lunchtime duty or be arranging detention after school. For the first time in my life, my timetable isn't dictated by the ring of a bell every fifty minutes.

However, having now completed two weeks working on The Right Angle project at The Tutor Trust, I can firmly say that I am even more excited to be part of this incredible intervention than ever. The principles behind the project of combining therapeutic provision with academic support are already making a difference to the confidence and life opportunities of the young people in our initial cohort. It is a privilege to be working on this Department for Education project, the first for The Tutor Trust. We are one of nine funded projects across the country, chosen from 296 applications across England.

Over the past two weeks I have met with colleagues from Oldham, Trafford, Tameside, Rochdale and Stockport. I have visited The Trafford School, Gorsehill Studio School and the Pendlebury Centre to experience how the Tutoring works for myself.

We are now at the point where our work with the young people on The Right Angle project is expanding exponentially. We are now offering out this exciting and worthwhile opportunity to our Advanced Tutors; some of our most experienced tutors, renowned for providing the highest quality tuition.

Becoming a tutor on The Right Angle project can offer a great experience for our existing tutors. It will provide a wealth and depth of opportunities to make a difference to the lives of young people in the care system struggling to access the advantages of education that are taken for granted by many young people. The work is lucrative, rewarding and fulfilling, the perfect chance for our most committed and responsible tutors to build on the work they already do for us. Assignments are available to tutor in English, Maths and Science.

Two of our tutors Aimee and Francis have already been working with young people across Trafford, Rochdale and Stockport as part of The Right Angle project and can already speak to how engaging and worthwhile this work is:

“I have been tutoring on The Right Angle Project for 7 weeks now and I am finding it immensely rewarding. One student, in particular, has massively grown in confidence, become more engaged in sessions and made excellent progress in both English and maths. We have built up a good rapport and she has told me of her ambition to now become a social worker. I am thoroughly enjoying my work on this project delivering tuition to the young people that need it most.”- Aimee

“I have the pleasure of tutoring a chirpy, eager, and enthusiastic young man.  We have managed to cover a great deal in this short space of time. He's beginning to make his way back into mainstream education, and our sessions will continue at his new school. "The Right Angle" project is a perfect fit for pupils like him who require that extra support. “- Francis

I am looking forward to getting out to schools and centres offering Alternative Provision across Greater Manchester over the next few weeks to see tutoring in action. I cannot wait to speak to the young people to hear, for myself, how excited they are to be a part of this amazing opportunity, and to observe the impact that our tutors and TLC’s counsellors are having on their lives.


Jo Meredith – Alternative Provision Quality Manager.