Meet Madeehah.  

She’s a first year Psychology student at Manchester Metropolitan University and is currently in the process of starting her Tutor Trust journey, along with many other successful applicants who were lucky enough to secure a position during the latest recruitment round.  

We’re going to be following Madeehah throughout her first year tutoring, focusing on her experience and any tips she can give away to new tutors.  

We had a chat to see how she was feeling at the start of her journey.  

“Just learning more about Tutor Trust during my training, and all that it stands for, has made me feel really excited to just get started.”  

Madeehah saw the position advertised through her university’s job site and told us how she was really excited to work with children again after doing so in her gap year.  

“The hours were a big positive, as I knew that I would be able to manage work alongside my studies.” 

On filling out the application, Madeehah explained how it was much easier than she thought it would be.  

“The personal statement in the online application wasn’t something that I’d come across before but because I already had to write one when I was applying to university, I wasn’t particularly daunted by it. I just took my time and planned what I wanted to say and how.”  

Many prospective tutors often worry about previous experience. Although this is not essential, Madeehah told me how she spent her gap year volunteering as a mentor in Year 5.  

“Over the year, I had plenty of opportunities to carry out one-on-one and group support in lessons, as well as running extra-curricular activities, carrying out behaviour management and tutoring Year 6 students for their SATs.”  

“A tiny part of me is a bit nervous but excited [to start], because even though I do have experience, every child and every school is different.”  

Good luck Madeehah! We’re excited to continue following and sharing your journey! 

We will continue to bring updates from Madeehah's journey to being a tutor, from her interview, to training, to her first assignment - look out for our other blogs to see the rest of Madeehah's story!

You can see which vacancies are available here. 

Date of publication: 23/09/2020