By Will Baldwin-Pask
⏱ Friday 27th July 2018

As The Tutor Trust’s newest employee, I will be taking it upon myself to document life in the office and on the road as Tutor Coordinator. This blog will bring lively updates on what’s happening in the world of The Tutor Trust, through the yearlong experience of one of their wide-eyed young workers.

I graduated this month from the University of Manchester, the same month I moved into my new home and started my new job. To be living in a city I love and working with such an interesting organisation straight after being a student is something I’ve been uniquely fortunate with. I’m especially grateful to The Tutor Trust who, in giving me a chance to work with them, have helped me take this successful step into a new chapter of my life.

I’m now only into my third week of working at The Tutor Trust, but it has been a soft landing so far. As the Summer holidays are upon us, tutors are heading home and pupils are ready to put their pens down for six weeks. It’s an opportunity for the office to reflect on their successes from the past year. The team are chuffed with themselves – positive news and praise keeps coming in and optimism for the new academic year is high.

The Tutor Trust team sadly had to bid farewell to my predecessor, Ben Pliener. From the brief time I spent with him, Ben seemed like both a reliable worker and a really nice guy. He did a brilliant job at introducing me to the Tutor Coordinator role and has left me some big boots to fill, but I look forward to building on everything he did.

Ben had nothing but appreciation for the charity and his role within it. There was one thing he expressed to me that he wished had improved over the past year, and that was the sociability of the Tutor community. This is one of the tasks I’m most excited about. After we have taken on a wave of new tutors in Autumn, it will be my job to build a greater sense of togetherness, hopefully creating a strong social element of working for the Tutor Trust that our tutors can enjoy.

I’m also excited about the upcoming recruitment drives. My role allows me and the others responsible to be creative about how we target potential new tutors – I’m looking forward to getting involved with some on-the-ground advertising and meeting all the masses of new people joining us. Although the next couple of months will be busy, they will probably be when I feel most active and valuable as the Tutor Coordinator, and I’m keen for them to come.

Date of publication: 27/07/2018