By Craig Rose
⏱ Wednesday 26th May 2021

For the last academic year, we have been following Matt’s journey with Tutor Trust through recruitment and onto his first sessions: an online assignment teaching secondary Maths. Following our last update, in which we asked Matt about his very first online session, we are checking in with Matt for one last time to find out what he’s learned over the course of his journey so far. 

As you already know, Matt’s assignment started as online learning – using Tutor Trust’s Vedamo platform – and although the school have decided not to move to face-to-face tuition, Matt says there are some advantages to this arrangement: 

I like the way that online tuition gives me the freedom to fit my sessions around my university timetable. I can deliver my sessions on campus, from home, and even from my parents’ house when I return home over the holidays! 

And although Matt’s assignment is online, it is worth pointing out to tutors that you can also select face-to-face work that fits around your university timetable. You have complete control over the assignments that you choose on the Connect system! 

Last time, we talked to Matt about his inevitable (but totally unnecessary!) worry before delivering his first session. Now Matt is breaking good ground in his assignment, we asked if there was anything he has learned through planning and delivering several sessions: 

My biggest challenge so far has been making sure each session is a little bit different and making sure that my teaching is always high quality. Good planning is the key here – pupils enjoy learning in a variety of different ways. 

In fact, from my own experience tutoring, it’s fair to say that there are very few problems that can’t be solved by good, effective planning. As long as you have a variety of activities (and back-ups) prepared beforehand, there’s very little that can throw you off balance when you get in the classroom! 

Of course, if you do have a bit of a wobble, Tutor Trust staff are always on hand to offer some help. Earlier, Matt told us about how a very useful online tutorial helped to ease his nerves before his first session. Now, Matt revisits the experience as a great example of how help is always available for those who need it: 

I remember getting support from Jovariya, one of my co-ordinators, who made sure that I understood everything about Vedamo before my first online session. I was very nervous before and this tutorial definitely helped to calm my nerves.

And it goes without saying that these online tutorials are available to all tutors before they are expected to deliver an online session. 

Working for the Tutor Trust is a unique part-time job that can serve as a fantastic springboard into other opportunities. We asked Matt whether working with Tutor Trust has improved his employability: 

My work with Tutor Trust is already on my C.V.! Working with such a well-managed organisation has given me a much better understanding of the professional world. 

As for whether he is more employable after working with Tutor Trust, Matt doesn’t have any success stories to report just yet… but only because he’s satisfied where he is! 

I’m quite happy with where I am at the moment! I would say that I’ve developed my time management and planning skills though and these will be very much transferrable to other roles. 

And as Matt continues his assignment, his skills can only improve. 

When we asked Matt about his plans for the future, he told us: 

I am planning to continue tutoring next year. I’ve also become a Brand Ambassador for Tutor Trust. 

Even within part-time work, Tutor Trust offers plenty of opportunities for progression and seeing different parts of the organisation. Tutor Trust recruits Brand Ambassadors from its pool of existing tutors every year. Their job is to promote our good work, recruit new tutors and help with training and a variety of other things (that’s how I got to write these blogs!). I’m sure Matt will be a great addition to the BA team. 

Finally, we asked Matt for some parting words: His best piece of advice be to new, existing or aspiring tutors: 

Believe and have confidence in yourself. Everyone feels a little bit nervous before their first session – and that’s OK! Smile. Be brave. Your tutees will be well behaved and lovely. Always remember that you secured this job because the recruitment team now you are capable of being an amazing tutor. You've got this! 

Thank you for your insights, Matt, and congratulations on becoming a Brand Ambassador! If you want to learn more about Matt’s journey with Tutor Trust, why not check out (or revisit!) some of our earlier blogs with Matt 

If you’ve not already, you can also take a look at Madeehah’s Tutor Trust story. 

Date of publication: 26/05/2022