By Craig Rose
⏱Monday 19th December 2022

After following her application and interview, we caught up with Madeehah once again to find out more about her Tutor Trust training.

"I really enjoyed it! It was perfect for me because it meant I didn’t have to commute and could do it all from the comfort of my home."

And if you’re worried that online training could have a lot in common with a lecture, Madeehah has this to say:

"Before starting the training, I thought that it might be a lot of passive listening, but the staff made it really engaging and the learning tasks allowed me to clear any misconceptions and apply what I was taught in the sessions."

Madeehah especially appreciated the focus on planning – an area she already had some experience in after volunteering in a Primary school during her gap year:

"I felt comfortable enough to be able to plan effective lessons in these subjects, using the resources and training provided by The Tutor Trust and the knowledge that I gained from working with some amazing teachers."

Even the follow-up learning task, where tutors use their knowledge from training to plan their own lesson, which is then assessed by the Quality Control team, was far more useful than nerve-wracking:

"Having the opportunity to make our own lesson plans and get constructive feedback on them was really beneficial. Even now, when planning my lessons, I still look back at the lesson plan I submitted and the feedback that I received."

After completing her training, Madeehah didn’t let the dust settle before getting on Connect and applying for work:

"After completing my training, I was really excited to start tutoring and applied for an assignment as soon as possible. I just wanted to get started!"

While it’s certainly a good idea to get that first session out of the way while the training is still fresh in your mind, even the most well-prepared tutors get first session nerves:

"When I was accepted for the assignment, I did start to get nervous in the week leading up to it, but I think that that was just because I hadn’t taught in a while. Plus, it was online, as opposed to face-to-face, so I was a bit nervous about any possible technical issues with Vedamo."

We’ll be checking in with Madeehah very soon to find out how that first assignment went, but I’ve no doubt that it will have been an amazing first session.

Finally, we asked Madeehah which aspects of her training she found the most useful when it comes to planning lessons:

"Training introduces you to a variety of resources, which help make your lessons engaging and interesting for the students, so I always try to include some of these. I feel very reassured as I know that I can always revert to my notes from the training if I have any problems."

 As with all our tutors, Madeehah’s training journey is far from over:

"There are also regular CPDs on a number of topics such as behaviour management, as well as drop-in sessions. These are all online and so are easily accessible. The constant support that The Tutor Trust offers is really amazing and makes me feel confident whilst tutoring."

Alongside our regular CPDs, Madeehah may also be returning to initial training to train in another subject:

"Although my training was in Primary, my interviewers were very clear that I could also train as a Secondary Tutor later if I wanted to. I was a bit daunted by this at first because I don’t have experience teaching secondary pupils, but after completing my Primary training, I’m positively considering it!"

As our online training sessions run once a month, Madeehah may not have long to wait!

Thank you Madeehah! It’s great that you gained so much from your training and we can’t wait to find out more about your first assignment! 

Interested in becoming a tutor? If so, then you can find out more and apply here. For any questions on the training process, you can view our upcoming training dates and FAQs page, or get in touch with us by email at: [email protected].  

Date of publication: 01/02/2021