By Emma Seton
⏱ Tuesday 15th September 2020

Uni of Manchester student Emma shares her insight into the Brand Ambassador role at Tutor Trust.

Brand Ambassador’s purpose is to maximise recruitment potential through a strong presence both online and on-the ground, as well as promoting the charity’s brand awareness. Through working as a Brand Ambassador, I was able to gain a depth of understanding about the Tutor Trust and the importance of recruiting tutors to continue to implement its mission of transforming lives through tutoring'.  

Working as a Brand Ambassador, I used several social media platforms to promote and encourage people on my social networks to apply to tutor with the charity. I also worked alongside other Brand Ambassadors at ‘pop up stalls’ at Manchester Metropolitan University to advertise work opportunities to students.  

It was crucial that I was confident and approachable using effective people and communications skills to engage the public. My enthusiasm and that of the other Brand Ambassadors is often paralleled by potential applicants, resulting in them believing ‘this is the job for me’ – to produce such a high level engagement with potential applicants is hugely rewarding!  

Brand Ambassadors can work according to their own timetable and choose which marketing strategies they believe will work best to meet recruitment targets. In this job, I gained innumerable skills, not only in consolidating my knowledge of the Tutor Trust but in gaining experience in marketing, advertising and promotions.  

For anyone who is looking to make a difference, for well-paid work that is not exclusively in the pursuit of self-interest and to develop an indefinite array of transferable skills, working as a Brand Ambassador for the Tutor Trust is for you.

Date of publication: 15/09/2020