On Young Carers Awareness Day one of our Leeds tutors, Bethany Murden, shares her experience of being a young carer and how it affected her experiences as a young person.

"From the age of 15 I became a young carer for my mum, whose Meniere’s disease progressed to a vicious stage.  This was right in the middle of my very important GCSE period and carried on to A levels.  It is very hard for a child to push the stress and anxiety of having a sick parent to the back of their mind, which is why studying was such a challenge for me at this age.  In addition to helping my mum, I had two younger sisters to take care of as they could not ask our mum because she was unable to move without her illness sweeping her off her feet.  Therefore, extra studying at home was always a challenge.

However, this does not always have to be the case.  There are so many young carers in schools that struggle with personal study because of their duties.  This is why I wanted to become a tutor and part of the charitable team of the Tutor Trust.  Young carers are in need of support that sometimes schools do not have the staff for. I wanted to help children of all backgrounds and in all cases to achieve their very best; with tutoring I feel like I am doing exactly that.”

The Tutor Trust is committed to providing children with equal education opportunities no matter what their personal circumstance may be.  We are currently recruiting tutors to do this important work and serve vulnerable and disadvantaged children across Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool.  If you are interested in applying please follow this link and open an application.