2016/17 was the first year that we have worked with Bridge Hall Primary School in Stockport.  They joined as part of the EEF project, meaning that from the 16th January, 18 of their Year 6 pupils were given an hour of Maths tuition per week in groups of 1:3.  45% of their pupils are entitled to free school meals and whilst their most recent Ofsted report (February 2017) praised their use of their pupil premium in removing barriers' for disadvantaged pupils, it reported that these pupils had been making inconsistent progress.  However, all of the pupils who underwent tuition and took a progress test in December had improved their score by March, with 3 attaining full marks.

The teachers have been extremely positive about tuition, with deputy head and year 6 teacher Miss Styan saying

"The tutor working at our school came to us keen to fit in with the way we work. He has ensured he has taken on our approaches to learning and been receptive to feedback/guidance. Importantly he has ensured he was working within our positive behaviour approaches and ensured he uses our school rewards systems."

She noted how much the pupils had improved as well as how much they all seemed to really enjoy tuition.

The tutor, Matthew Wood, felt he also gained a lot from the sessions, saying he "gained an acute awareness of how people respond to learning.  Being in small groups, you're able to pick up on their emotional needs in a way you couldn't in a large class.  You can tell if they're struggling or getting bored because they feel left behind or not challenged enough.  This has taught me to be adaptable, as I have often needed to adapt my sessions depending on the emotional needs of particular pupils on a particular day."  He found the most effective tool for engaging pupils to be radiating excitement for the subject himself.  "They feed off of that" he said "and get excited themselves when they get an answer right."

Reflecting on The Tutor Trust as an organisation, Matthew said "I had a mixed experience at school and the work we do addresses a lot of the problems I encountered, such as equal opportunity and pupil engagement.  I also feel I've been given valuable opportunities by working as a tutor in the training and resources I've been given."  Later in the year, the school took Matthew on to tutor their year 5's and intend to increase their hours of tuition in the next academic year.