Bridge Hall Primary School is located in Stockport, and serves a primarily low-income community: 68% of the pupils at Bridge Hall are eligible for pupil premium, a figure far higher than the national average of 25%.

We began working with Bridge Hall as part of a randomised control trial we carried out with our Year 6 Maths tuition, funded buy the Education Endowment Foundation. 18 of the Year 6 pupils at the school received weekly tutoring in maths from Matthew Wood for twelve weeks before their SATs. 70% of these tutees were in receipt of pupil premium. All 18 of the pupils made progress in their arithmetic test scores, with pupils on average getting 25% more of the total marks available after tuition than before. One pupil’s score increased from 11/40 to 31/40, and three pupils ended tuition receiving full marks in arithmetic.

The tuition contributed to 74% of children at Bridge Hall Primary meeting age-related expectations in their KS2 Mathematics SATs in 2017, with 16% working at greater depth. Teachers also noted considerable improvements in the children’s maths skills: the average progress made by the tutees on the school’s assessment frameworks was 4.5 sublevels, compared to an expectation of 2.5 sublevels.

Since the conclusion of the trial, Bridge Hall have continued to work with The Tutor Trust, and Matthew returned to the school in September 2017 to tutor the next cohort of Year 6 pupils.