We have very high expectations for the tutors we recruit and this is reflected by the fact that only 30% of applicants are successful.  The academic standards for our tutors are high; they require a minimum of an A at GCSE in English and Maths if applying for Secondary school positions and a B at GCSE in English and Maths if applying for Primary school positions.  We only select those candidates who we believe will be good role models, as well as excellent tutors, so always look at an applicant's wider experience. 

All tutors are subject to our rigorous recruitment methodology, which was developed in partnership with Teach First and PwC.

The four key competencies we use to assess applicants are:

  • Creativity

You will be helping pupils to understand things that they have previously struggled with in class.  We look for tutors that are innovative, imaginative and adaptable in their methods.  You should be able to take into account how different students learn and communicate ideas in ways that are both clear and engaging for pupils.

  • Humility, Respect, and Empathy

You will be working with a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds and represent our organisation to head teachers, teachers and most importantly to pupils.  Tutors need a non-judgemental, positive attitude and to demonstrate that they can quickly develop productive relationships with pupils and school staff.

  • Resilience

We look for tutors that see challenge in a positive way.  To help students understand a topic, you will need to adapt and vary your approaches.  Pupils will require you to be both enthusiastic and patient.  When faced with obstacles you will need to remain positive and have the ability to think on your feet.

  • Planning, Organising & Problem solving

As a Tutor Trust tutor you will need to demonstrate professionalism, manage your responsibilities and juggle your priorities.  You will need to plan efficiently to meet deadlines and deliver successfully.  It is essential that you keep the commitments you make to pupils.  We expect our tutors to reflect on their work and accurately evaluate the success of their tuition, so that pupils continue to make good progress.