The Tutor Trust are holding a LAC CPD in collaboration with Frontline, a leading social work charity, to support tutors who are interested in taking on some LAC tuition. The workshop was piloted for the first time last year and was a great success, so we are holding it again to give more tutors a chance to come.

Only 19% of children in care achieve a C or above in English and Maths at GCSE, compared to 60% of all children. This is why LAC tuition is so important! LAC work is also extremely rewarding, as you have the opportunity to foster a really positive relationship with a student. Last year 10% of our work in primary schools and 37% of our work in secondary schools throughout Greater Manchester was with LAC children, and we are hoping that this number will increase next year.

The workshop has been designed to give tutors an insight into the kinds of backgrounds and mindsets that are typical of LAC pupils, as well as give tutors a chance to broaden the methods they use to engage sensitively with such children. There will also be other tutors at the workshop who have done LAC tuition before to share their experiences and give advice.

Booking for this event has now closed.