In this issue we’re celebrating best practice and taking a moment to congratulate you on supporting so many young people to achieve their potential (a phenomenal 1,000-plus since the start of September).  In fact, we so appreciate all that you’re doing to transform young lives in this post-pandemic world that we’re increasing tutor pay!  (You will have received an email about this already). 

Essentially, we are now paying £20 to plan and deliver an hour’s tutoring session and we’re introducing several other bonuses too. So, for delivering your first two assignments (totalling 30 hours) you will receive £720! We're also bringing forward the date you're paid from the 25th of the month to the 15th, and that will start in November!  You can read more below.

Find out how you can become an Advanced Tutor and join us at a drop-in session to meet your coordinator and get the inside track on assignments near you.  We’re also asking for your help in making our new schools microsite, Insight, a great resource.

We also have some wellbeing tools and information on a great opportunity to join our partner organisation the Fair Education Alliance.

And, of course, we’re celebrating our Tutor of the Month!

Enjoy the issue and keep your feedback coming ([email protected]).

You can read the full issue here.