2016/17 was the first year that we've worked with Grosvenor Road Primary School in Swinton.  They joined us for the EEF project and received 6 hours of year 6 tuition per week in the lead up to SATS.  According to OFSTED their 'pupil premium funding is well above the national average' meaning a great deal of their students are deemed to be disadvantaged in some way.  Our services are aimed at this kind of student and their latest OFSTED report praised their use of the pupil premium funding, saying that it is 'used effectively to ensure that eligible pupils make good progress.'  Deputy Headteacher James Howard was positive about the tuition, saying that tutor Azeem Chughtai was "well prepared, reliable and kept teaching staff well informed about children's progress."

Azeem was also positive about the tuition, saying

"I developed a lot of confidence in myself while teaching, developed the ability to make decisions and became more organised. My highlight for this assignment was during the middle of the assignment when the children didn't understand certain questions on proportions and ratios. I taught them a specific method to deal with them and after that they thoroughly understood how to tackle proportion and ratio problems with ease."

Azeem was also extremely positive about the communication and support he experienced from both the school and The Tutor Trust office.  "The teachers there were extremely cooperative when I had to find out how much the children had done on a certain topic" he said "and I feel I can approach (The Tutor Trust) whenever I have an issue."  Azeem is one of our many tutors who works part time alongside their university studies, saying

"The Tutor Trust enables me to work flexibly around my University work, giving me the chance to improve my skills without causing too much stress."