Delivering high quality tutoring is the fundamental priority of Tutor Trust.

Tutor Trust ensures that every single hour our tutors spend with a young person is positive and effective. The young people we serve deserve the very best tutoring, and our partner schools know that our tuition is high quality and impactful. As a charity, we constantly review and refine every aspect of our work, drawing on extensive feedback from schools and utilising the best research evidence and professional practice available.

High expectations about the quality of tutoring are shared with tutors from the very beginning. Three former teachers and members of Tutor Trust’s Senior Management Team oversee the quality of recruitment, training and tutoring in primary schools, secondary schools and Alternative Provision across all three cities and regions. Together with the Recruitment and Training Manager and the Quality and Impact Coordinator, the Quality and Impact Team are responsible for ensuring the highest quality of tutors are recruited and trained.

Our tutor training programme is designed and delivered by our team of trainers, who are all highly respected teaching professionals with senior roles in schools and/or in teacher training. Once tutors are trained and tutoring in schools, the Director of Training and Quality Assurance, Matt Wallis, a former teacher with extensive school leadership experience, leads the quality strategy. This ensures that tuition is consistently delivered to our high standards in all sessions, and in turn that pupils are making accelerated progress in school.

The quality of tuition is measured against our monitoring criteria for either face to face tutoring  or online tutoring. Monitoring is carried out in two main ways: observing actual sessions in schools or recorded lessons online; and checking tutors' lesson plans when they start a tuition assignment. Tutors either receive feedback via email or through an online conversation where their strengths are celebrated and their areas for development are shared, so that they can improve the quality of each hour of work they deliver.

The Quality Team also organise further support throughout the year, sometimes in partnership with other organisations such as Teach First and Place2Be, so that tutors have frequent opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills. These may be in the form of our programme of CPD (Continued Professional Development) events, or through Tutor Trust Tutorials, an online training development resource that can support our tutors' professional growth and tuition skills. 

Tutorial videos cover different topics delivered by the Tutor Trust team, including former teachers and tutors. These are available on Thinqi, the online learning platform that our tutors can use for all training and resources. 

At the end of every video, tutors will be asked to complete a short feedback form. This will encourage tutors to reflect on what they have learnt during the tutorial and will count towards their Advanced Tutor score. There will be details about this at the end of every session and if you would like to know more about our Advanced Tutor Pathway, contact Emily Parkes at this address: [email protected]