The Tutor Trust ensures that every single hour one of our tutors spends with a young person is as positive and effective as possible.  The young people we serve deserve the very best tuition, and our partner schools need to know that our tuition is achieving its aims and giving value for money.  As a charity, we constantly review and refine every aspect of our work, drawing on extensive feedback from schools and utilising the best research evidence and professional practice available.

High expectations of the quality of tuition are shared with tutors from the very beginning of the recruitment process.  Then, during training which is led by our team of trainers and who are all highly respected with roles in schools and/or in teacher training, success criteria for high standards of tuition is shared with tutors.  Once tutors are trained and tutoring in schools, our Primary and Secondary Quality Managers - both teachers with extensive school leadership experience - lead the quality strategy across Greater Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.  This is to ensure tuition is delivered as expected so that tutors are delivering high quality tuition in every lesson and in turn, ensuring the students they tutor make accelerated progress in school.  Throughout this process they are supported by our Recruitment and Impact Coordinator. 

The quality of tuition is measured against criteria and is carried out by observing the tutors in schools and monitoring their lesson plans.  Tutors receive feedback where their strengths are celebrated and their areas for development are shared for tutors to improve the quality of tuition.  CPD is also organised at regular times throughout the year so that tutors know they are supported and encouraged to further improve the quality of tuition.  To ensure this data is correct, the Quality Manager leads joint monitoring with other members of Tutor Trust team which also ensures consistency.