Cailum joined Tutor Trust in 2018 as a part-time Secondary Tutor for Science and Mathematics following his completion of the PGCE at the University of Manchester.  

Upon obtaining his Masters degree in Physics from the University of Manchester, Cailum decided to pursue a career in education.  He went on to complete a PGCE in Secondary Science with teaching placements in the Greater Manchester area. Having completed over 200 hours of tuition for young people in Alternative Provision whilst working as a part-time tutor, Cailum began in the role of full-time Alternative Provision Tutor in 2019.  He also took on the role of a Lead Tutor to support our tutors throughout the academic year.  

Cailum is now using his tuition and Science expertise in his role as Quality Manager-Secondary/Part-Time Tutor.

Cailum says: "My initial decision to join Tutor Trust was motivated by my desire to continue working with and supporting young people, particularly those that need it the most, whilst pursuing external (musical) endeavours after leaving the classroom! This was in 2018 and I am still here all these years later due to finding that my passion truly lies in supporting the most vulnerable young people in education. This led me to take on a role as a full-time Tutoring Plus Tutor in 2019 and ultimately becoming the Lead Tutor for Tutor Trust. Throughout this time I tutored incredible young people who have encountered a variety of challenges to their engagement with education, working with them to navigate their circumstances as best we could.  

"My current role as a Secondary Quality Manager / Part-time Tutor has enabled me to continue working with the amazing young people that the Tutoring Plus team supports whilst also assuring the quality of our tutors and delivering our science training as part of our amazing Quality Team. Two distinct hats that I'm very proud to be able to wear!"