A male tutor with black hair and glasses, wearing a blue jumper, is leaning over a desk. Two primary aged pupils, a boy and a girl, wearing dark blue school jumpers are holding pencils and writing in exercise books. Everyone is smiling.

Our impact in primary schools

Our primary school programmes have a very strong evidence base, with a large-scale randomised control trial conducted by the Education Endowment Foundation finding that Year 6 pupils receiving Maths tutoring from Tutor Trust made three months' additional progress compared with their peers. 

Gold-standard evidence of impact

Our large-scale randomised control trial, carried out by the Education Endowment Foundation, found that tutoring from Tutor Trust had a considerable effect on pupil progress. The Year 6 pupils receiving tutoring in Maths, when compared to a control group, made:
  • 3

    months' additional progress

    in maths compared with the control group

  • 2

    months' additional progress

    in reading compared with the control group (spillover effect)

  • 3

    months' additional progress

    resulted for children entitled to free school meals

We're incredibly proud that our large-scale effectiveness trial demonstrated such strong evidence of impact. It's rare for an effectiveness trial in education to yield conclusive results, yet ours showed clear evidence that 12 hours of support from a Tutor Trust tutor led to real gains in pupils' attainment, confidence and enjoyment of learning.

You can read the full report on the Education Endowment Foundation's website here. 

Since the report was published in 2018, we've refined our delivery model even further, and believe the impact of our primary programmes today is even greater.

Tutored pupils and their teachers consistently reported increased pupil confidence. Some extremely positive examples of tutoring were observed.
Education Endowment Foundation

SATs success for Year 6 pupils

In 2022/23, we worked with over a thousand pupils in Year 6 ahead of SATs. Most of our pupils started the programme working considerably below the expected standard for Year 6 pupils. They made strong progress, with progress strongest for those pupils who started the furthest behind. Tutees made, on average:
  • 8

    scaled score points of progress in maths

    This equates to around 25 additional raw marks across the three maths papers.

    Progress made between baseline paper and final SATs results.

  • 6

    scaled score points of progress in Reading

    This equates to around 12 additional raw marks in the single reading paper.

    Progress made between baseline paper and final SATs results.

The cover of Tutor Trust's 2023 Impact Report. A young male tutor wearing a blue shirt and tie is stood to the back of two secondary-aged male pupils wearing school uniform. At the bottom and to the side of the image are decorative patterns.

Find out more

To find out more about our impact in primary schools this year, read our 2023 Impact Report.

Real-life examples

97% of our partners would recommend us to another school and many of our primary partners have worked with us for years. Below are a small selection of real-life examples of how tutoring works in a primary school setting.
A tutor and pupil look at content on a laptop. Both are smiling.

Co-op Academy Brownhill, Leeds

Co-op Academy Brownhill believes in empowering its pupils through high-quality education, and, for those needing additional support, through our impactful tuition programmes.

A primary school-aged boy wearing a grey school jumper is sat at a desk. He is writing with a pen on a sheet of paper and concentrating hard.

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