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Setting up your programme

Our team work closely with you to set up tutoring in your school or college, keeping you informed along the way 

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Our process, step by step

We know setting up a tutoring programme can feel daunting, from student selection to logistics around session timings, there are many things to consider. With more than 12 years of experience partnering with education providers, we work with you at every stage of the process. That's why many of our partner schools return to work with us year after year.

We'll be in touch with you within one working day after you've made an enquiry

We’ll arrange an online or telephone call with you at a convenient time to discuss your proposed programme and give you options as how to tutoring could work in your school or setting. We can also answer any questions you have about our programme and confirm costings.  

At this point, we'll also provide material for you to share with prospective tutees and their families, describing who we are and the benefits for young people of participating in the programme. 

Once you're happy to proceed with us, we’ll ask for information on the pupils/students who you would like to receive tuition. This will include some demographic and baseline data, which helps us measure the impact of our programmes, pupil groupings, and any other information that will help us best support your pupils.

At this point, you'll also confirm your desired timings and the size of your programme. We'll then start sourcing tutors. 

Before tuition begins, we’ll set up a meeting with the tutor(s) who will be working with your school or college. This is your opportunity to guide them on what you'd like covered in their sessions, give any further information about the young people they'll be working with, and ask any questions you may have.

During this meeting, we ensure that tutors understand your school or college. Your safeguarding and fire procedures, policies on dress or calculators, and who to contact if there are any issues during sessions.

We also introduce you to Insight our partner data portal, which you will use once the programme begins. It gives you access to near real-time data on student attendance and the ability to read tutors' feedback. We provide you with a pack which includes dates of our review points and information on our School and College Partnership Lead training sessions.

Soon after you've met your tutor(s) the programme starts. During initial sessions, we ask students to complete a short 10-15 question multiple choice test, based on the National Curriculum expectations for their year group and subject, a short survey about their attitudes to the subject they are receiving tutoring for and their expectations of the programme.

These results are shared with the young person's tutor to provide an extra tool to help tailor the programme to the young person's needs. You will see the results for each student by logging into the Insight portal.

We will schedule a short review meeting after week three of the programme. This is to check everything is running well and identify students who need additional support to engage with tutoring.

Our team will support you throughout the programme. Whether it's ensuring high attendance, our Quality Team visit your establishment to observe tutors' delivery. They can help you to complete submissions to the DfE about tutoring. We are there to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

You will also have a named Coordinator with logistical oversight of delivering our tutoring. They are only ever a 'phone call or an email away.

As the 15-week programme ends, we'll ask students to complete an endpoint assessment and feedback on their tutoring. We'll then schedule a review meeting with you to discuss student progress, your views of the programme, and further opportunities to work together in future.

Tutor Trust take the lead and guide schools with their experience and knowledge of the tutoring process. The complicated and information-overloaded NTP is made simpler by working with Tutor Trust."
Anna McDiarmid, Pupil Premium Lead, Pinehurst Primary School, Liverpool
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