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Primary resources and schemes of work

Our standard model involves our trained tutors planning and delivering their own sessions, with access to a wealth of resources and support from our team. We also offer some specific schemes of work designed for particular groups of pupils. 


Our primary menu 

Customised programmes to meet your pupils' learning needs or a structured scheme of work based around the most common misconceptions? With our primary menu, you can choose the option that's right for your school.

The programmes below are aimed at pupils in mainstream provision and can be delivered on a 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3 basis. If you're interested in 1:1 tutoring for young people facing additional challenges, including those in alternative provision, cared for children and those with severe absence from school, please explore our Tutoring Plus programmes. 

Bespoke tutoring

Our standard model is for our trained tutors to tailor their sessions based on the school's requirements and your knowledge of the pupils' learning needs. Our additional baseline assessment, specific to each subject and year group, provides tutors with additional information on learning gaps that they can use to plan sessions.

When planning sessions, tutors have access to a wealth of resources linked to the National Curriculum on our online portal for tutors, Thinqi. Many of these are developed by our in-house team of experienced teachers and school leaders. We also offer all tutors continuing support and monitor the quality of delivery. You can find out more about how we do this here.

"Puppies and pirates"

Our Puppies and Pirates programmes, available for both English tutoring and maths tutoring, are structured schemes of work that aim to accelerate pupils' learning while emphasising fun. Developed by our in-house subject specialist team, they're perfect for learners in Upper Key Stage 2 to help develop core skills. They are not specifically focused around preparation for SATs.

SATs booster prep

Our intensive SATs booster programmes, available to support pupils in preparing for the reading and maths SATs papers, are available for Year 6 pupils and are focused on consolidating knowledge and using it to answer SATs-style questions. They can be delivered over 15 weeks, as per normal programmes, or can be offered intensively over 6-8 weeks with pupils receiving more than one our of tutoring per week. 

I was pleased with the quality of tutor supplied. They were professional and talented people who engaged well with the children.
Nick Hemingway, Deputy Head, Meadowfield Primary School, Leeds
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