To the left of the picture two secondary school-aged female pupils wearing purple blazers are sat at a desk with their backs to the camera. On the other side of a desk a young male tutor wearing a white t-shirt and glasses is sat. He is looking down at a laptop and explaining a concept to the pupils.

Secondary resources and schemes of work

Our tutors are trained to plan and deliver their sessions, based on your school's priorities and data, alongside the learning gaps identified in our baseline assessments. We also offer schemes of learning which are more structured for some secondary subjects and year groups, including a Foundation GCSE Maths revision programme.

Our secondary school menu 

If your school is looking for customised programmes to meet your pupils' learning needs, or, if a structured scheme of work based on the most common misconceptions of your students, is needed, we can help. With our secondary school menu, you can choose the right option for your school.

The programmes below are aimed at pupils in mainstream provision and can be delivered on a 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3 basis. If you're interested in 1:1 tutoring for young people facing additional challenges, including those in alternative provision, cared for children and those with a significant absence from school, please explore our Tutoring Plus programmes.

Bespoke tutoring

Our standard model is for trained tutors to tailor sessions based on the school's requirements and your knowledge of the pupils' learning needs. Our additional baseline assessment, specific to each subject and year group, provides tutors with additional information on learning gaps that they can use to plan sessions.

When planning sessions, tutors can access a wealth of resources linked to the National Curriculum on our online training portal, Thinqi. Our in-house team of experienced teachers and school leaders develops most of these resources. We also offer all tutors continuing support and monitor the quality of delivery. You can find out more about how we do this here.

GCSE Maths Foundations

We have a 15-hour fully resourced, scheme of work for maths tuition. It is designed to help KS4 students, currently working at Grade 3 in GCSE maths, move to Grade 4 or 5.

This programme houses the best maths resources in one place and has been formed by education specialists and tutors, incorporating feedback from teachers from our partner schools. It has been designed to prepare students for exam-style questions and focuses mainly on numbers and algebra. There is also a session on shape and space.

The GCSE Maths Foundations scheme of work has also been designed to be visually engaging and accessible. It helps to build mathematical resilience and improves student autonomy when solving problems.

Axiom Maths 

Tutor Trust has been a proud delivery partner of Axiom Maths (formerly Mathematics Education for Social Mobility and Excellence - MESME) since the summer of 2021. Axiom seeks to deliver fully funded Maths Circles, to support high‑attainers on their mathematical journey, from Key Stage 3 to PhD, with the key mission to develop students' life chances, usually those from poorer backgrounds.

In these Circles, small groups of students come together regularly with an experienced, knowledgeable mentor to:

  • grapple with intriguing questions
  • discover and explore exciting ideas
  • learn to think like advanced mathematicians

Mentors are trained to teach a centralised enrichment programme to build on what students will have already learnt at school, but also to allow them to progress systematically through a network of related ideas in areas which develop deep mathematical significance, for example, combinatorics and geometry. Students increase and improve their factual knowledge and procedural fluency as they do so. The focus of a circle session is the underlying mathematical structure of the content.

Secondary schools across all our three regions are understandably enthusiastic about this free, high-quality tuition for their high-attaining mathematicians.

Jessie Dawson, Axiom and Programme Coordinator, says of the partnership:

"It's wonderful to be able to work with a charity like Axiom, with similar values and goals, to create an environment where higher-attaining pupils can be supported to challenge themselves. Providing this programme for free will enable us to set these young mathematicians up for future success."

Literature Lit Up

Literature Lit Up is a fully resourced, 15-hour scheme of work to support your KS3 English programme. 

The scheme fosters an appreciation and love of reading increasingly challenging material, using high-quality, engaging texts. With a diverse range of English literature content, your students will feel a connection with the materials they study.

Literacy Foundations 

Literacy Foundations is a brand-new set of resources designed to provide KS3 students with the fundamentals needed to be successful in writing, setting them up for success as they move into KS4. The resources will support pupils who are working below the expected standard in KS3 and have some gaps in their spelling, punctuation, and grammar knowledge from KS2.

These resources have been put together following a request from one of our partner schools, who identified that some of their students needed support due to lost learning caused by the pandemic. Curated by our team of in-house experts, tutors can take a ‘pick and mix’ approach to using the resources, meaning that they can be tailored to suit students’ individual needs.

Holiday schools 

As well as tutoring during term time, we also work with schools to provide Easter and Summer Schools. Programmes can be tailor-made to your pupils' needs, so please get in touch to find out more.

To the left of the picture two secondary school-aged female pupils wearing purple blazers are sat at a desk with their backs to the camera. On the other side of a desk a young male tutor wearing a white t-shirt and glasses is sat. He is looking down at a laptop and explaining a concept to the pupils.

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