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Our mission, vision, and values

Find out more about what drives us.

A tutor looks on as a pupil concentrates on a piece of written text.

Our mission

To transform lives through tutoring.
A pupil is smiling and looking eagerly at the tutor during a tuition session.

Our vision

We want to be a part of an education system that provides excellence, equity and opportunity to every child and young person in the UK; we want all pupils to receive the support they need to overcome any barriers they face in achieving their full potential; we believe the Tutor Trust model could play a positive part in the school system in every area of the country and we are committed to growing our work across and beyond the North of England.

Our values

We believe in fairness

We want every child and young person to have the opportunity to achieve their full potential and we want all pupils to get all the support they need to overcome any barriers they face. We are a generous collaborator with all those who share our vision and values.

We are passionate about making a difference

We care deeply about boosting outcomes and improving life chances for children and young people in our communities. We do everything we can to make it easy and affordable for schools to work with us effectively.

We are inclusive and supportive

We nurture all our people to thrive and succeed by caring, by listening and by investing in their talents and well-being. We believe that every team member, tutor and trustee has an important voice and a vital role.

We are quality-focused

We strive for high professional standards in every aspect of our work to maximise the beneficial impact of tutoring. The pupils we serve deserve the very best.

We are ambitious

We aspire to be more than a match for the massive challenges of inequality, through both the scale and the quality of our work. We constantly innovate and we want to expand our reach in tandem with refining our programmes.

We learn

We constantly seek feedback, perform analysis and explore new ways both to draw on and contribute to the research evidence. An open and reflective culture underpins our approach to continuous improvement.