two primary school boys wearing blue jumpers, receiving tutoring from a female tutor with short dark hair

Tutoring for primary schools

We work in close partnership with primary schools across Greater Manchester, Merseyside and West Yorkshire, providing fun and engaging sessions in maths, reading and writing to pupils in Years 3 to 6. 

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[Our tutor] was incredible - she has a sound knowledge of the curriculum, a fantastic rapport with our children and worked brilliantly as part of our wider team.
Josh Asquith, Allerton Bywater Primary School, Leeds

Our primary work

We've been working with primary schools for over ten years. Last year:
  • 2165

    primary tutoring programmes were delivered.

  • 74

    primary schools partnered with us.

  • 97 %

    of partners would recommend us to another school.

  • 8

    scaled score points in SATs were gained, on average, by Year 6 pupils during the programme.

Why Tutor Trust?

We're best in class for quality and impact

We're the only tutoring charity whose model is backed by evidence from two Randomised Control Trials by the Education Endowment Foundation. A large-scale effectiveness trial showed that pupils receiving 12 hours of maths tutoring from us made three months' additional progress compared with their peers. 

We're about your pupils, not profit

We're a registered charity rooted in the North. All money we charge schools is invested into providing you with high-quality, high-impact tutoring, and funding from generous philanthropic partners helps keep the cost to schools low.  

Our schools and pupils love us

97% of our partner schools last year would recommend us to another school. Pupils really enjoy their tutoring with us.

We're proudly Northern

Based in Manchester, we work with pupils and schools across Greater Manchester, Merseyside and West Yorkshire. Our aim is to narrow the attainment gap which exists between pupils in the North and South of England.

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A male tutor wearing a blue jumper is stood to the left of the picture, with his hand on a desk. Sat at the desk are two primary-school aged pupils wearing blue jumpers who are writing in exercise books.

Our impact in primary schools

Find out about how we ensure every programme makes the maximum impact on your pupils' attainment, confidence and enjoyment of learning.

A female tutor wearing a black jumper and glasses is sat around a desk with three primary school-aged pupils wearing black school t-shirts. She is explaining a concept to them.

Primary school FAQs

We answer some of primary schools' most common questions about tutoring with Tutor Trust.

A tutor shows pupils how to work out a Maths question

Our tutors

We're incredibly proud of the work our tutors deliver. Find out how we recruit, train and monitor our tutors to ensure consistently high quality.

A female secondary-aged pupil wearing a dark school uniform and pale blue tie is sat at a desk. Standing on the other side of the desk is a male tutor wearing a purple shirt and blue lanyard.

Programme setup

Find out how our friendly and supportive team will work with you throughout your programme to ensure it has a strong positive impact on your pupils.

A secondary school-aged male pupil wearing a black blazer and red school jumper is sat at a desk. To his right is standing a female tutor with long blonde hair who is wearing a purple jumper. The boy is reading aloud to his tutor.

Programme cost

Find out how much your proposed programme for 2023/24 will cost, before and after NTP subsidies are applied.

It has been a really nice experience and I would LOVE to do it again!
Year 5 pupil, Godley Community Academy, Leeds

Real-life stories

Learn about how different schools in Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire and Merseyside have partnered with us to achieve strong outcomes for their pupils
A tutor and pupil look at content on a laptop. Both are smiling.

Co-op Academy Brownhill, Leeds

Co-op Academy Brownhill believes in empowering its pupils through high-quality education, and, for those needing additional support, through our impactful tuition programmes.

A primary school-aged boy wearing a grey school jumper is sat at a desk. He is writing with a pen on a sheet of paper and concentrating hard.

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