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Tutor learning and development

We're committed to supporting you from core tutor training, to your assignments, and beyond. Check our offers of continuous learning opportunities for you.

Core tutor training

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I am not a qualified teacher

We're here to give you the tools, strategies, and confidence needed to deliver high-quality tuition in your local community. Our core tutor training programme is curated and delivered by our in-house team of qualified teachers and partners at The University of Manchester's Institute of Education (MIE)

Your core training contains four content blocks and a safeguarding course, which takes around 10-15 hours to complete over three-to-four weeks. The content is all delivered virtually and involves some independent study as well as live Zoom sessions. Read an overview of your training programme below.

1. About us

The context of what we do, who we work with, and why.

(self-led online content)

2. High-quality tuition

Discover how to prepare and deliver high-impact sessions.

(self-led online content and live Zoom session)

3. Subject-specific tuition

Delve deeper into what high-quality tuition looks like in your chosen subject.

(self-led online content and live session)

4. Ready, set, tutor!

The logistics of getting set up on our systems and applying for work. A great opportunity to meet your Schools and Colleges Coordinators and Tutor Engagement and Support Manager.

Our next training dates

Module 1: About us

  • You should complete this online content before attending the 'High-quality tuition' live session

Module 2: High-quality tuition

  • Wednesday 6th March, 4pm - 5pm

Module 3: Subject-specific training

You should only attend the live online session for the subject in which you'll be tutoring. Please complete the necessary online content at least one day before the live session for your subject.

  • Primary (Maths and Reading): Monday 11th March, 2pm - 4pm
  • Secondary Maths: Tuesday 12th March, 10am - 12pm
  • Secondary English: Wednesday 13th March, 2pm - 4pm
  • Secondary Science: Thursday 14th March, 2pm - 4pm

Module 4: Ready, set, tutor!

This session is optional but is a good opportunity to meet your Schools Coordinators and Tutor Engagement Manager - who you'll be working with after.

  • Friday 15th March, 3pm - 3:30pm

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible so we're aware. As each section of our core training builds upon the previous one, you'll need to complete all content and any live sessions for each section before progressing to the next section.

You may be able to join the next round of training, so you'll still be able to complete your training programme, but it will just take a little longer.

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I am a qualified teacher

If you're successful at interview, we'll offer you a bespoke training plan, so you can get into the classroom quicker, with tailored support from our team of teachers. See an overview of your induction below.

1. About us

An online module detailing the context of what we do, who we work with, and why

2. Safeguarding course

An online short course to get you ready to go into the classroom

3. Submit a lesson plan

Show us a flair for your teaching style through a lesson planning task. Our team of teachers will review your plan and if all is well, you'll be able to apply for your first tutoring assignment!

A child writes in an exercise book during a tuition session.

Join us as a tutor

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Learning opportunities

Whether it's a recap of tutoring essentials such as fostering positive relationships, or a deep dive into a specialised topic such as Special Education Needs (SEND), or using AI in tuition, we've got you covered.

Further to our core tutor training are a host of regular virtual and in-person events to help boost your knowledge and professional skills.

Tutor training FAQs

Before you can apply for assignments, you'll need to have completed each stage of your core training. Your programme will differ if you are a qualified teacher or not. Our team will support you through your induction so you can begin tutoring as soon as possible.

While completing your induction, our Recruitment Team will be completing DBS and reference checks. Please keep an eye out for emails from us that detail what you need to do to help with this. Note that DBS checks are carried out by a third party, and the time it takes for them to be completed can vary and is out of our control.

As a charity aiming to make education more accessible, all of our learning opportunities are completely free!

If you have lived in a country outside of the UK for a consecutive period of 6 months or more within the last 5 years are advised to have an overseas police check completed. You should consult the UK Government's guide to criminal records checks for overseas applicants

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