To the left of the photo is a male secondary school-aged pupil wearing a dark blazer. He is turned away from the camera and sat at a desk. To the right is a female tutor with long blonde hair wearing a blue sweater. On the middle of the desk is an open laptop.

Our impact in secondary schools

We have been supporting secondary school pupils for over a decade to make accelerated progress and have strong evidence of the impact that our work can make. In 2023, Year 11 pupils made almost three-quarters of a grade of progress in GCSE Maths and GCSE English over the course of their tutoring programme. 

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Strong progress at GCSE 

In 2022/23, we worked with nearly 1,800 Year 11 pupils and received GCSE results for over 1,200. These pupils, most of whom started their programme working at a Grade 1, 2 or 3, made very strong progress over the course of their tutoring programme, with progress strongest for those who started the furthest behind.  Tutees made, on average:



  • 0 .74

    grades of progress in Maths

  • 0 .71

    grades of progress in English

  • 0 .35

    grades of progress in Science

The cover of Tutor Trust's 2023 Impact Report. A young male tutor wearing a blue shirt and tie is stood to the back of two secondary-aged male pupils wearing school uniform. At the bottom and to the side of the image are decorative patterns.

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To find out more about our impact in secondary schools, read our 2023 Impact Report.

Real-life examples

97% of our partners would recommend us to another school and many of our secondary school partners have worked with us for many years. Below are a small selection of real-life examples of how tutoring works in a secondary school setting.
A tutor holds up an image and is speaking to a pupil

Our Lady's High School

Tutor Trust's collaboration with the teaching team at Our Lady's RC High School in Blackley, Manchester led to strong progress for the Year 11 tutees at GCSE

A tutor supports two young pupils with their Maths

Trinity CofE High School, Manchester

Our long-term collaboration with Trinity CofE High School is working well, especially for pupils who enjoy their tuition sessions and make strong progress.

To the left of the picture two secondary school-aged female pupils wearing purple blazers are sat at a desk with their backs to the camera. On the other side of a desk a young male tutor wearing a white t-shirt and glasses is sat. He is looking down at a laptop and explaining a concept to the pupils.

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