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How much you could earn

At Tutor Trust, we pay our tutors a minimum of £22 to plan and deliver each hour-long tutoring session. Higher rates of pay are available for those holding QTS. Use our calculator to find out how much you could earn. 

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    of tutors agree or strongly agree that tutoring is well paid

    Tutor Survey 2023

  • 77 %

    of tutors agree or strongly agree that they better prepared for their future career

    Tutor Survey 2023

How much you could earn as a tutor

Find out how much you could possibly earn as a Tutor Trust tutor each week using our calculator tool.
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This tool is only an indication and not a guarantee of earnings. As you'll join us as a self-employed tutor, you'll apply for tutoring assignments that you're interested in, and we cannot always guarantee the availability of hours.

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It has helped me prepare for my future career as a teacher, particularly in understanding the additional needs of students and the best method of support.
Chloe Williams, Secondary Tutor in Greater Manchester
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