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For families

Has your child or young person you support been offered tutoring with us? Find out more about who we are and how you can support them to make the most of their tutoring sessions.

Welcome to Tutor Trust!

We’re delighted to welcome you and your child to tutoring sessions with one of our highly-trained tutors.

Who we are

We are an award-winning charity with a strong track record of working successfully with primary, and secondary schools, as well as with colleges and with other education providers, in the Greater Manchester, Merseyside and West Yorkshire regions. We work with young people, just like your child, to support them in reaching their potential. (Read more about who we are, our impact and our Mission, Vision and Values).

How tutoring works

Your child has been chosen by their school or college to benefit from high-quality, personalised additional support from one of our tutors. In a small group (usually with two other pupils), they'll be working on areas that they need the most support with, building on the excellent work that the school teachers have done already.

The chance to have a ‘private tutor’ is a great opportunity for your child to thrive academically and to grow in confidence. We hope that you will encourage your child to attend all the sessions and to engage positively with his/her tutor.

For the tutoring to have the great results we all hope for, your child will have 15 one-hour tutoring sessions in total. The content and the goals of the tutoring programme will be tailored to the needs of your child by the school or college’s teaching staff and the tutors.  We have evidence from independent research that 15 hours of tuition can make a difference.

We hope that you will welcome this partnership between your child’s school or college and Tutor Trust, and the extra boost it will give to your child’s learning and self-confidence. 

If you have any questions, please speak to your child’s school or college directly.

If you are a carer, or your child is in an Alternative Provision setting, you can read more about how our Tutoring Plus service works, and how we work with parents and carers.

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Help your child to become an exam champion!

Our free on-demand webinar gives you revision resource, and practical tips to help your child prepare for exam success.
Joel is enjoying his education again and genuinely looks forward to his sessions.
Dawn, parent of a pupil on our Tutoring Plus programme

Family FAQs

Whether your child's already receiving tutoring from us, or about to begin their tutoring journey, you may well have some questions about what to expect and how you can best provide support. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers that we hope you find helpful.

If your child has been chosen to receive tutoring from us,  then that's great news - it means that their teacher has seen their potential to do well in a subject, with some additional support from us. We can help with certain areas of a subject that your child might be struggling with, or with practising with test or exam style questions. 

Parents and families of the young people we work with do not have to pay anything towards the costs of our tutoring sessions. 

Usually our tutoring programmes are 15 hours long, with an hour of tutoring taking place each week. 

Most of our tutors are bright and talented students at local universities and they are great role models as well as good tutors. All of our tutors are rigorously recruited and trained. We have a strong focus on safeguarding, and all our tutors, like all those who work with young people, have an enhanced DBS check

Yes! As well as making progress in the subject in which they're being tutors, pupils who receive tutoring say that they feel more confident generally, across all subjects. This is due to the progress they make, and also from viewing the sessions as a safe space where they can ask questions and contribute without fear of judgement. 

The best thing to do is to contact your child's school or college directly and they can pass any questions or issue on to us. 

Ways you can support your child with their tutoring

Remind them when their sessions are taking place

Attendance is crucial to the impact that tutoring can have, so we would be grateful if you to remind your child the night before their session is due to take place.

Take an interest in what they're learning

Young people are more likely to succeed if someone they know is checking in on how they’re finding tuition. Asking questions about what they're learning will also help them to remember what's been covered in their sessions.

Keep the momentum going during school holidays

During school holidays, encourage your child to use some of their time off to practise one of the topics they found challenging this term. Just an hour a week can make a big difference to their learning. If there's something they're still finding tricky ask them to make a note of it so that they can let their tutor know when sessions begin again.

Praise them for their hard work

As they come to the end of their tutoring programme, remind your child how far they've come and praise them for their hard work and commitment. 15 hours of study in a small group can be intense, so it's a big achievement. 

What parents think about tutoring

  • 84 %

    of parents said that tutoring had a positive impact on their child's confidence

    'The Future of Tutoring', Public First, 2023

  • 81 %

    of parents said tutoring should be available to every child in state school or college

    'The Future of Tutoring', Public First, 2023

  • 74 %

    of parents said that they thought increasing the provision of tutoring would help children who are falling behind to catch up

    'The Future of Tutoring', Public First, 2023