We have been a trusted partner of schools since 2012, delivering high quality tuition and boosting outcomes for pupils. We make it as easy as possible for schools to run successful tutoring programmes in English, Maths and Science and we have several resources to help schools. Find out more about our programmes by visiting our Primary and Secondary schools pages.

We work collaboratively with schools to establish what the impact of tutoring will be and to ensure that we are aligned on pupil needs and the aims of the sessions. Once the sessions are underway, our online platform, Insight, provides near real-time data, including feedback from the tutor. Your School Coordinator will check in with you regularly to discuss the progress of tuition, attendance, and attainment. We will undertake regular reviews including a three-week review and an endpoint review.

Tuition works most effectively when a true partnership develops between Tutor Trust, the school and the tutors, with everyone working together to best support the pupils.

To hear more about how we’ve successfully partnered with schools, visit our real-life stories page.