From 1st September 2023, using the NTP subsidies for tutoring with us on a 1:3 ratio, for a block of 15 hours of tutoring in either Maths, English or Science will cost schools just £107.50 per pupil for the full programme. Schools can use their Pupil Premium budget to cover their contributions to tuition costs, or to fund additional tuition over the level of the NTP subsidies they receive.

Under the NTP, the Department for Education (DfE) gives mainstream schools £67.50 per Pupil Premium-eligible pupil. We charge £43 per hour of tuition delivered (£14.33 per hour per pupil if there are three pupils in the group). The NTP subsidy covers 50% of the cost, up to a maximum of £9 per pupil per hour. For example, for 15 hours of tuition for 15 pupils in groups of three, we will charge the school £3,225, which costs the school only £1,613 after using the NTP subsidy.

As a charity, we have always charged a low cost to schools for our services. This is because our priority is providing access to high-quality tuition to pupils who are in most in need of additional support. So, in 2023/24, the generosity of our funders has enabled us to keep the cost of our tuition the same as 2022/2023, despite the reduction in NTP subsidies from 60% to 50%.

For more information on pricing, visit our NTP page.