Alongside his political career, where he was a Cabinet Minister and Head of Policy in Number Ten, Lord Adonis has worked as an academic at Oxford University, and as a journalist at both the Financial Times and The Observer. He was made a life peer in 2005, and is currently chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission.  

Lord Adonis has worked for several think tanks and is a board member of Policy Network, as well as trustee of our partner charity TeachFirst and visiting professor at King’s College London. Lord Adonis has spoken fondly of us over many years, saying: “One of the most alarming statistics in education today is that pupils on free school meals are half as likely to get 5 good GCSEs as the national average. Tutor Trust is one of the most important and exciting developments in English education. It takes a brilliantly simple idea that pupils who are in danger of falling behind in English, Maths or Science should be able to get individual or small group tuition in exactly the same way as middle class parents have taken for granted for generations."