We pay our tutors a minimum of £22 (£25 or £30 for Qualified Teachers, dependent on experience) to plan and deliver each hour of tuition. 


  • A one-off bonus of £20 for tutors when they complete their first tuition session of 2023/2024.
  • A one-off bonus of £100 for all tutors who complete at least 30 hours of tutoring this academic year.

We pay our tutors on the 15th of every month. Your pay will reflect all the work you did in the previous month e.g., on the 15th October, you will be paid for all the work you did in September. 

Although we don’t cover travel expenses, we may offer an increased rate of pay for assignments that require a longer-than-usual commute.

When you become a tutor with us you need to register as self-employed, which must be done on the HMRC website.