At Tutor Trust, we want you to succeed. Our aim is to provide expert training and support all our tutors to feel confident to plan and deliver high-quality tuition. You will have a range of opportunities to show how well you meet our competencies, and we will give you lots of support throughout training to meet them. However, if you, or we, feel the competencies are not being met, we will speak to you before agreeing any next steps. 

And if I miss a deadline?

There will be several deadlines for tasks throughout your training. They are in place to ensure you have covered all the pre-requisite content and are prepared for the interactive live sessions where you are expected to contribute to discussions. We will clearly communicate any deadlines to you at several points throughout training, so please be sure to make note of them.

It is important you meet these deadlines so that arrangements can be made for the live sessions. If you are unable to meet a deadline for any reason, please contact [email protected] as soon as possible so that next steps can be discussed.