High-quality tutoring now available to schools at very low cost


The whole team at Tutor Trust is thrilled that our ambitious proposal to the National Tutoring Programme has been agreed by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF).  As an EEF ‘Promising Project’, we are delighted to take our partnership with the EEF to the next level, and to deepen our collaboration with Impetus, Sutton Trust, NESTA and Teach First, too.

Co-Founders Nick Bent and Abigail Shapiro commented:

“The NTP puts rocket boosters under our mission of ‘transforming lives through tutoring’ across the North. We are doing all we can to support teachers and to help every child achieve their potential, despite family disadvantage or the impact of Covid.

“As an active member of the Fair Education Alliance, we campaigned for the National Tutoring Programme and we welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement in June. Now, we urge Mr Johnson to follow the logic of the evidence and of his own commitment to ‘levelling up’, and to fund the NTP for a further two years.”

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Schools! Please get in touch today.

From today, schools across Greater Manchester, Leeds and Merseyside can access our proven, high-quality tutoring service for a fraction of the usual cost.  A block of 15 hours of tutoring in either Maths, English or Science will cost schools as little as £60 per pupil for the full programme.

Schools can use the extra ‘catch-up’ funding from Government (worth £80 per child this academic year) or their Pupil Premium budget to cover these modest costs.  The cost is the same for online tutoring as it is for face-to-face tutoring.

We offer tutoring for Y5 and Y6 in Primary, and for Y7-11 in Secondary.  We also have a specialist 1:1 tutoring service for LAC pupils, pupils in Alternative Provision and pupils at risk of exclusion; all of this work attracts the NTP subsidy.

We have already received record demand for our services this term, so we urge primary and secondary schools to contact us as soon as possible to discuss their tuition needs.  Please click here to find out more and to register your school’s interest.

Doubling our pupil numbers in 2020/21

In line with our mission of ‘transforming lives through tutoring’, Tutor Trust is doubling the number of pupils we plan to support in 2020/21, through the National Tutoring Programme.  In total, we expect to serve 6,500 pupils across the North of England and to deliver almost 40,000 hours of tutoring.  Of this total, 4,500 pupils will be supported purely under the NTP, with a further 2,000 pupils tutored through other Tutor Trust projects or earlier this academic year.

Over the summer and autumn, we have hired 14 new full-time staff members and recruited scores of extra tutors.  This will ensure that we can meet the additional demand from schools without compromising our quality of service.

To achieve the purpose of the NTP and in line with our goals as a charity, we are asking schools that at least 80% of pupils nominated for tutoring are ‘disadvantaged’, namely Pupil Premium, Looked After, in Alternative Provision or at risk of exclusion.

Our unique ‘evidence of impact’

Created with a launch grant from the Education Endowment Foundation in 2011, Tutor Trust has already delivered over 100,000 hours of tutoring across hundreds of schools in Greater Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

We are proud to have arguably the strongest ‘evidence of impact’ of any tutoring organisation in the country.  In November 2018, EEF published the results of a randomised control trial (RCT) of Tutor Trust’s work, which gave us gold-standard proof that our model works and that it helps to close the attainment gap.

In addition to the rigorous data analysis of outcomes, EEF also conducted a process evaluation.  This included observations of tuition as well as interviews with and surveys of Headteachers, classroom teachers and pupils.  The feedback from schools was overwhelmingly positive.

These strong evaluation results led directly to Tutor Trust becoming a ‘Promising Project’ of the EEF; one of just 18 in the country, and the only one based in the North of England.  We also joined the charity portfolio of Impetus in 2018. 

Each year, we publish our own Impact Report.  Our 2020 Impact Report was published last week and you can read about it here.

Since the publication of the RCT, we have further strengthened our quality and impact team and invested in new technologies, to ensure that every single hour of tutoring gives the maximum benefit to every single pupil.  We now have 9 qualified teachers on the staff of Tutor Trust, including two former Headteachers. 

You can read more about our ‘evidence of impact’, including the full report of the EEF’s randomised control trial, on the Impact section of our website.

Making our charity ‘Covid-proof’ through online delivery

This has been a tough year for all of us in Education.  Our growing team worked tirelessly, supporting young people and their teachers in a time of crisis.  We ran a safe and successful pilot of online tutoring from April, and from May onwards we were a delivery partner for the National Online Tutoring Pilot. 

The feedback from teachers, pupils, parents/carers and our tutors has been hugely encouraging.  Online tutoring is here to stay at Tutor Trust!    

In addition, we harnessed the best technologies in the business to build a whole new operating model for Tutor Trust; one that allows us to further improve our quality and impact while also scaling up; and one that makes us Covid-proof, because everything can be done online if necessary.   

We have now successfully embedded new systems for tutor recruitment and training online, as well as quality assurance and impact evaluation.

Next steps for schools

We urge schools to contact us straight away if they are interested in using our tutors this academic year.  Although the NTP allows us to ramp up our capacity significantly, the supply of tutors is not infinite.  We therefore operate a first come, first served policy. 

Please begin a conversation with our team of School Co-ordinators in each city by contacting us through the main NTP page of our website.  Thank you.