Chief Executive Officer Ed Marsh, is a powerful advocate for social mobility and championing the rights of those who are underserved. He is pictured wearing a white open-necked shirt, and is smiling to camera.

Ed Marsh

Chief Executive Officer

Ed joined the Tutor Trust in 2023 after a decade working as a CEO in the education, charity, and youth sectors and most recently as an award-winning CEO of Middlesex University Students’ Union.

Ed was Vice President of the National Union of Students and has also worked in parliament for Jon Cruddas MP. He has a background in community organising and founded the Barnet Refugee Welcome Board which supports refugees resettled in North London by providing support, education, and welfare provision.

He has led national research into the student experience within Higher Education, working for the Office for Students as well as a number of universities. He is a college governor and has also been a trustee of several social justice charities.

Ed is completing a doctorate in education which is focussed on diversity in education and the role of the third sector in the education system. He is a Trustee of the Darwin Multi Academy Trust and is a graduate of the University of Hull. He has an MBA from the Open University and is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Ed says: “I absolutely love working for the Tutor Trust, it is a real privilege to lead an organisation that makes such an important contribution to both education and to wider society. Now more than ever we need to support our young people to reach their full potential and to be able to achieve whatever they have the talent and the ambition to do. To be a part of a team who tirelessly works to make the world a better place is a real joy.”

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