Robbie is a comprehensive project manager who has worked across a number of diverse projects and disciplines in his extensive 25-year career, including fundraising and marketing as well as more recently around digital and technology. In his time, amongst other things, he has delivered an innovative gaming website for Marie Curie, and worked in partnership with the NHS and their unique data challenges – not once but twice! He has also built websites for clients such as YoungMinds and Girlguiding. His work has spanned not-for-profit and commercial organisations in a unique way and he is used to traversing the different challenges that each sector brings. Thanks to a grounding in marketing, he is a passionate advocate of data-driven approaches and has facilitated persona workshops and data deep dives with satisfying outcomes.

As the Digital Product Manager, Robbie is responsible for the technical delivery of the Tutor Trust’s new digital landscape as well as the cultural shift that it will support for schools, tutors and colleagues, but predominantly for our beneficiaries the pupils. Away from work, Robbie is a keen advocate for neurodiverse people and runs a volunteer support group for people living with or identifying with the symptoms of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Robbie is also a Trustee of the Fair Credit Charity for whom he chairs the Fundraising and Communications Sub-Committee.

Robbie says: There is so much potential in the use of technology in the world in which we live, and education is no exception. The art of the possible is to ensure that it is delivered appropriately and sympathetically alongside other systems. Keeping the needs of pupils and other consumers of our digital tools and infrastructure is vital as well – so this is a very exciting time to be leading on a project with this much impact!"