Sasha Snowden-Leak

Full-Time Tutor - Merseyside

Sasha began working as a Part-Time Tutor for Tutor Trust in November 2021 and joined the team as a Full-Time Tutor in February 2022.

Sasha has nearly 10 years of previous work experience as a tutor and decided that she wanted to work in a position where she could better help the students who need our support the most. She has seen the effect educational inequality has on students and hopes to diminish this in her work with Tutor Trust.

Sasha says: "Working with The Tutor Trust, it has become clear to me how there are thousands of children across the UK that need our support now more than ever. With the attainment gap only growing, and funding in schools becoming more and more limited, it is important for charities like us to continue to expand and target as many of these children as we can.

"Working for a charity that focuses on these challenges, as well as being a welcoming, close-knit team, really drives me to fulfill the mission as I enter a school to work with young people. The determination and perseverance our whole team shows in bettering the lives of young people through tutoring is the main reason I am proud to work here and strive to have a lasting impact on everyone I come into contact with."