Before applying to be a tutor, please consider:

Available Working Hours

  • Tutor Trust work directly with schools, meaning most tutoring takes place during the school day (8am - 4pm) inside the school building or online.
  • If you are only available for evening and weekend work, then it is unlikely you will be able to work for us.
  • Tutoring is usually held in 2/3 hour blocks (to minimise travel for tutors).
  • Travelling to/from one of our partner schools takes (on average) an hour.  You will need to factor in travel times when applying for face-to-face work.
  • Primary schools request tutors predominantly in the afternoon (after they have held their own maths/English lessons in the morning).  The most popular time for primary schools to hold sessions is from 1-3pm.
  • Primary schools usually want the same tutors to work across multiple afternoons, so the more days you are available, the more likely you are to be put forward for a primary tutor.  This is to reduce points of contacts within school.
  • Schools require tutors to work with them every week at the same time.  Tutors with two week timetables are therefore more limited in the work they can take on.
  • We encourage tutors to train in multiple subjects (English/Maths/Science/Primary) to maximise their potential hours.

Term Times and Placements

Tutors are expected to be available during the school term time, which follows different dates to university timetables.  For example, schools usually return the first week back in January, as opposed to universities which start back late January.  You should check school's term dates before you apply for assignments to ensure you are available for the whole duration of a school's term.