Axiom Maths Circles Data Sharing Agreement

Axiom Maths Circles - the consent and data sharing agreement form for parents, carers and guardians of Tutor Trust pupils starting the programme

About the Programme

Your child has been selected to participate in the Axiom Maths Circles programme as part of an ongoing partnership with the Tutor Trust. Axiom Maths is a registered charity whose purpose is to support students from all backgrounds to achieve mathematical excellence so that they go on to have a greater and richer range of future personal, employment and economic choices. Please learn more about the young people they support on the link below. There is also a link to our website. As a specialist education charity, Tutor Trust partners with schools (like your child's) to deliver high-quality, high-impact tutoring across Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire and Merseyside.

The Axiom Maths Circle programme sessions aim to help every child with the head and heart for maths realise the potential of their power, develop their thinking and expand their curiosity through mathematical principles. Please read the following information carefully and complete some quick and easy questions so we can register your child to participate in the programme.

Our responsibility for your data

Tutor Trust and Axiom Maths take the protection of your personal information, and the personal information of all students, seriously and are fully committed to respecting the privacy of all individuals. In addition to the information you have given, Tutor Trust and Axiom Maths will also collect information on your child’s attendance and observation data on your child's performance in the sessions. This information will only be used in connection with the Maths Circles programme and its administration. Tutor Trust may also collect and share additional data from your child’s school. Please contact the Tutor Trust if you would like more information on the personal data they share with us about your child.

To track the programme’s long-term impact, personal data may be shared with an external research organisation to analyse the impact on student attainment compared to national statistics. As part of this research, the Department for Education (DfE), may collect subsequent data, such as exam results and academic destinations, from national student databases. Subsequent data, collected in the future by the DfE, will only be used to further analyse the impact of the programmes and only be shared in an anonymised format.

How we use your data for the Maths Circles Programme

For further information on how Tutor Trust and Axiom Maths collect, store and use your data, or how you can request to access, change or delete your data, please refer to our data protection policies:

Axiom Maths - Privacy Policy    Tutor Trust - Privacy Policy

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How to Contact Us

If you have any questions about this form, how we process your personal data or to withdraw your consent at any time. We will take the appropriate steps to stop your personal data from being processed in the way described above where possible. Please email: