By Farhan Ahmod
Monday 6th March 2023

Farhan is an Economics and Politics student at The University of Manchester, studying in his final year. Having enjoyed his schooling and helping his peers from an early age, when he attended Oldham Academy North, he now tutors in Primary schools across Oldham to give back to young people in the community. He’s been tutoring with us for nearly two years and is currently working at Broadfield Primary in Oldham. We caught up with him to hear about his tutoring experience so far. 

“I’ve been massively enjoying tutoring since joining The Tutor Trust in my first year of uni, especially because I started at the school that I’m at right now last year (Broadfield Primary in Oldham). This means I’ve been able to maintain a relationship with students.

“I started working just after COVID, so most of my first assignments were online. I think being in person makes tutoring a lot easier, especially in terms of helping the community. You don’t have to deal with things that can disrupt learning, like internet issues. Attendance is a lot better as well; you can go to lessons and pick students up rather than waiting for them to come to you.

“It’s also a lot more interactive in person. You get to see students engaging, focusing, and writing. This can be difficult to achieve online as often they will be hesitant to turn their cameras on or speak in the chat. When you’re in person, you don’t have to worry about this because they feel a lot more comfortable asking questions.

“Since I went to school, I’ve always found helping people rewarding. My teachers used to say to me that they were happy that I went out of my way to help others with my work. As a tutor, I feel that I am in a role that’s suited to me, where I can help others improve and feel like I’m giving back.

“I love tutoring because I can see the direct impact on the people I am helping in my local area. I’ve always asked myself in other jobs that I’ve gone for what the impact of my work will be. Sometimes, it’s difficult to figure out, but I know that with tuition, I’ll never question whether I am making a difference.

“If you have any desire to make a difference, go for it! It’s an amazing ongoing process of progression. The people around you are supportive and are there to help you and you can be confident that you will be supported to succeed.”

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Date of publication: 07/03/2023