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Our Lady's RC High School

Tutor Trust's collaboration with the teaching team at Our Lady's RC High School in Blackley, Manchester led to strong progress for the Year 11 tutees at GCSE

  • 9. 4 /10

    My tutor encourages me in my sessions

    Average score across cohorts. Source: Pupil Voice surveys

  • 9. 1 /10

    My tutor makes sessions fun and engaging

    Average score across cohorts. Source: Pupil Voice surveys

  • 9 /10

    I feel I've made progress in my subject

    Average score across cohorts. Source: Pupil Voice surveys

Our Lady’s RC High School (OLHS) in Blackley, North Manchester, has been a partner school of Tutor Trust since 2021. A Catholic school, and part of the Diocese of Salford, the school believes that “each student has their own individual strengths, gifts and talents: our aim is to ensure that these are all developed to their full potential.” 

Tutoring is part of the school’s offer in pursuit of this, and OLHS uses Tutor Trust to support Year 11 tutees as they prepare for GCSE exams. This year, 82 Year 11 pupils participated in the mainstream tutoring programme, with the school also running Tutoring Plus and Axiom Maths programmes. 

Exceptional commitment from teaching staff

Mainstream sessions ran on a Saturday morning, with pupils choosing to come into school to benefit from the tutoring provision. This was enabled by the exceptional commitment of OLHS staff, with a senior member of the team always present on-site to oversee sessions. Such a model wouldn’t work everywhere, but the strong culture and relationships at OLHS meant there was always a good turnout, with Year 11 pupils averaging 10.6 hours of support per programme. 

Positive relationships are key

Tutors spoke incredibly highly about OLHS pupils and it’s clear that a real rapport developed between the tutors and their tutees.

One of the best moments I had in delivering tutoring this year was when I completed a Saturday assignment at Our Lady’s RC High School. During that time, I had the opportunity to work with a group of students who had a passion for English Literature. We would engage in thought-provoking discussions about poems from the Power and Conflict poetry cluster. Seeing their enthusiasm and interest in the subject expand throughout our sessions was truly inspiring. It was a pleasure to be a part of their journey and contribute to their love for English Literature.”
Emmelie Dryburgh, Graduate in Drama from the University of Manchester

The commitment of pupils in attending school on Saturdays paid off: between the start of the programme and their final GCSEs, pupils progressed by an average of 0.81 grades in Maths, 1.39 grades in English, and 0.88 grades in Science. 

61% of the tutoring cohort achieved a Grade 4 or higher in Maths, 65% did so in English, and 92% did so in Science

I really enjoyed myself and if I had the opportunity to do it again, I definitely would. I really liked my tutor, Miss Dryburgh. I learned things I didn’t know before which I am now able to apply in lessons and in my essays with confidence.”
Year 11 tutee in English
In 2023/2024

As of January 2024, our specialist Tutoring Plus team is supporting three young people at the school, and we will be starting additional new programmes with Year 11 English and Maths pupils in the coming months.

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