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Dixons McMillan Academy, Bradford

Staff and pupils' resilience and determination to work hard have reaped rewards for tutees studying for their GCSEs.

  • 1 .15

    Average grades of progress made by GCSE pupils

    Year 11 pupils worked on their attainment for English, Maths and Science and all increased their grades.

    GCSE results

  • 1 .7

    Grades of progress in Maths

    Made by Year 11 pupils

    GCSE results

  • 1 .4

    Grades of progress in English

    Made by Year 11 pupils

    GCSE results

Dixons McMillan Academy in Bradford is part of the Dixons Academies Charitable Trust, which has a number of schools across West Yorkshire and the North of England. The latest Ofsted inspection, in September 2023, rated the school as ‘Good’ in all areas.


About our partner school

The teaching staff and pupils at Dixons McMillan Academy have a relentless focus on success. The school has three core values of resilience, integrity and courtesy. Principal Kat Lang describes the school’s approach to resilience as: “We work really, really hard and we never give up. We have a can-do attitude, and when we find things difficult, we work together (as a team) to find a solution.” And it’s that attitude that the hard-working tutees show in their tuition.


Our work together

This is the fourth year we’ve been working in partnership with Dixons McMillan, and, in that time, we have supported pupils across Years 7, 8, 9, and 11 in Maths, English and Science.  We have worked with more than 100 young people at the school over the years, several of whom have worked with our tutors on more than one subject. 

As we do with every programme of tuition, we test pupils at the start and end of our programmes to measure their progress and to continuously improve our tuition. In the case of the Year 11 pupils at the Academy, the GCSE results showed that their unrelenting focus on success had a very real impact.

The 44 pupils having tuition in a subject ahead of their Maths, English or Science exams made, on average, 1.15 grades of progress - which is a huge achievement.  For Maths the average was 1.7 grades of progress, for English it was 1.4 grades, and for Science 0.4 grades.


In 2023/2024

Our tutors are currently (as of January 2024) working with 46 Year 11 pupils, encouraging and supporting them to improve their Maths, English, and Science attainment. In addition, a further 12 Year 8 and 9 pupils, who are potentially mathematicians of the future, are being supported under our Axiom Maths (formerly MESME) Maths Circles programme.  

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