ChatGPT for educators: Practical approaches to lesson planning

An interactive session for teachers, tutors, and educators looking to create impactful sessions in a fraction of the time

After working with the Hg Foundation and Bain and Company on a pioneering AI pilot to test the use of ChatGPT (a form of generative artificial intelligence technology) in teaching and tutoring, we helped to shape Teaching with ChatGPT, an online resource for educators.

Our AI experts Vicky Sadler (Director of Tutor Recruitment & Development) and Matt Hainsworth are here to offer you free resources on how to use ChatGPT in the education space.

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Lesson planning is made easy, with ChatGPT

  • Introduction to AI for Educators: Learn how AI can significantly reduce the time spent on planning while maintaining or even improving the quality of your lesson plans.
  • Custom instructions and effective prompting: We'll be showing you how to use custom instructions and useful prompting to get the best out of AI, ensuring your lessons are tailored to meet the unique needs of your students.
  • Adaptive lesson planning: Discover how AI can adapt your lessons for different learners, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all students.
  • Assessment for learning: Learn how to use AI to plan for assessment for learning, leveraging its capabilities to gather valuable insights into student progress and understanding.
  • Interactive engagement: Share your experiences and insights on integrating AI into lesson planning. Engage in discussion and get your questions answered by our experts.
AI in tutoring

Discover how ChatGPT can help you plan lessons

Vicky and Matt share their top AI tips for educators

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