Joining Tutor Trust while at Manchester Metropolitan University, Matt wanted to support his Education Studies degree with relevant and exciting work. After almost three years working as a Primary school tutor across Manchester and graduating from university, Matt loved the culture and ethos of Tutor Trust as well as the satisfaction of the positive impact of his work.  

Matt works in the Tutoring Plus Team as a Full-Time Tutor and also helps out with coordinator responsibilities. He has also been involved in the AI tuition pilot.

Matt says: "Having joined the Tutor Trust in Autumn 2023, I have been so impressed at the atmosphere within the charity. Everyone is so kind and supportive and carries the charity’s ethos with them in everything they do. Whether working remotely or in the office, there is always a friendly face to help with anything you need, and this is something I remember from my time as a tutor too. 

"I have always felt strongly about the ethos of Tutor Trust and I am so proud to be able to contribute to that further as a Full-Time Tutor while engaging in the many projects, pilot programmes, training, and learning and development sessions that the charity runs."